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I have had a number of Tantric massages and following the retirement of my regular masseuse had been looking for a new therapist. 
Trust me, after our session yesterday I won't be going anywhere else 
You are not only a highly attractive lady, but a very warm friendly personality, not a clock watcher, such soft hands with a touch and technique that is truly mind blowing. I'll repeat that expression. . .
Truly mind blowing.

V. Essex

Whilst I have always wanted to try a Tantric massage, I have been very worried about finding a practitioner who strikes the correct balance between 'Dr Ruth' (head at patronising angle) and 'Candy' (giggling and looking at her watch). We had discussed this during previous highly therapeutic LomiLomi sessions.

I was delighted to hear that you were branching out into Tantra, and I approached our first session yesterday with both excited expectation and no little trepidation.

The results were spectacular. More than I could ever have expected. 12 hours later and my body is still singing with revitalised spirit; dormant energy reawakened.

Thank you for filling the gap so perfectly. I cannot wait for the next session!

Kind regards,

C.M. London
Namaste and Welcome to Magic Heart Tantra

In the Western world Tantra is often seen as something purely sexual and perhaps hedonistic.  This is only one aspect of it, albeit a powerful one. In its essence Tantra is a spiritual path that includes and even celebrates our nature as sexual beings.  

The word Tantra is a Sanskrit word which, like most words in this ancient Indian language, has many layers of meaning.  The roots of the word include expansion and weaving and in this context these relate to our consciousness.  The intention of Tantric practices is to expand our consciousness beyond our normal daily experience of the world.  They help us to weave together the physical and the divine.  They also allow us to combine the two polarities of masculine and feminine, both within ourselves where we all contain both aspects, and between two people. 

Many of the practices of Tantra are not specifically sexual in nature and can be practiced without a partner.  These include powerful movement, breathing and meditation techniques.  What makes Tantra unusual amongst spiritual practices is its inclusion and utilisation of sexual energy to enhance the process of connecting with the Divine.  This energy, known as Kundalini, is also our fundamental life force energy so building, preserving and controlling it can bring us many more benefits than just sexual enhanced pleasure.  It can also be used to increase our level of enlightenment and connection with our own divinity, it can be used to calm our mental state and to bring physical healing to our body.

In all this the Tantric path seeks to be a joyful rather than a overly earnest, ascetic path.  It brings a greater sense of joy, peace and calm into your life and allows you to see the beauty within and all around you.

You may have come to Tantra looking purely for greater pleasure, you may be seeking healing for a dysfunction manifesting in your sexuality, you may be seeking ways to connect more deeply with your partner or you may be looking for this sense of the God within yourself.  Whatever the case I look forward to meeting you and offering what support I can.  You can find information here about what services I do (and don’t) offer and I encourage you to read the site thoroughly. If you still have questions that remain unanswered feel free to email or call me.

 The term Tantra has been somewhat hijacked by escorts offering services which are no doubt pleasurable and to some extent fulfil a natural and normal need.  This is not what you will find on offer here and if it is what you are seeking I wish you the best of luck in your search.  I have no issue with anyone wishing for an erotic experience but this is not the way I choose to work.  However, if you are aware that beyond these desires is a deeper yearning for connection – with yourself, with other people and with the Divine – I hope to be able to travel with and perhaps assist you on this exciting adventure.

I have recently begun to work with sacred cacao which is a very powerful plant medicine.  It makes a wonderful addition to any bodywork session and really enhances the experience to create something quite unique and really very special.

I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.

Phone: 07971 875392
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