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My name is Mary Amethyst Lomax and I have been a massage therapist since the mid '90s. Throughout this time I have found myself gradually readjusting the boundaries which I place on the sessions I offer.  I was, like most massage therapists, trained to avoid any reference to, or acknowledgement of, anything sexual and this is the way I worked for quite a long time.  I carried out my 'towel technique' as stressed in my training, ensuring that 'personal' areas were kept hidden from view and, as much as possible, ignored.

Over time this began to feel unnatural and out of alignment with a desire to help people feel better about and within their bodies.  It seemed to reinforce a sense of body shame that is quite prevalent in this country and, to my mind, not beneficial to our sense of wellbeing.

At the request of some regular clients and with the support of my partner at the time, I began to work with clients uncovered if that was their preference and it felt much more relaxed and accepting.  For some people the experience of being naked and vulnerable whilst I, as the therapist, remained clothed felt imbalanced.  When I was also open enough to be unclothed it created a space of greater trust which allowed them to drop more deeply into their relaxation.  Rather than being in any way seedy, it was quite a beautiful and profound thing.

Arousal is a natural response to massage and once I became used to it, I had no problem with this happening during sessions.  I still maintained a boundary, though, of not massaging the genitals and allowing rather than including this energy.  Gradually this too began to feel like somewhat of a judgement - that it is OK for me to touch one part of your body but not OK to touch another because one is deemed to be sensual and the other sexual.  I still maintained that boundary for a long time so as not to upset my partner and my family.

As I began to explore Tantra, initially for myself, I grew to see the enormous power in fully accepting and working with this energy.  I had long held the belief that sexuality and spirituality are not two opposing energies and need not be separated as they as often are in our society.  But the way I was living my life and doing my work was not initially in alignment with this idea.

Once I studied Tantric massage and began working with some of my trusted clients I could see the power in this work and have really been enjoying offering it to clients old and new and seeing how much it can touch people.  I continue to explore more deeply and to grow in my capacity to hold within myself and also help you access deeper states of bliss.

I have studied tantric massage and also a Tantric Kria Yoga technique called Cobra Breath with Hanna and Martin of Transcendence ( ).  I have also studied Psychosexual Somatics with Mike Lousada and Elena Angel Shakti.  

For my personal growth I have studied Sexual Awakening for Women and Awakening the Subtle Sexual Body with Shakti Malan - a very powerful South African tantric shaman who works very deeply with the feminine energy ( and have completed an 18 month training in Living Tantra with the wonderful Jan Day ( and assisted another group though the same amazing journey.  I would highly recommend both of them.
I have worked for extended periods with Keith, the chocolate Shaman in Guatemala.  Currently the focus of my unfolding is with the spiritual teachers Aisha Salem and Mateo Tabatabai.

I look forward to a lifetime of further study too.  

I still offer my conventional massages and enjoy the combination of different styles of sessions that I can offer people.  If you would like to to know more about my other treatments please visit

 I hope to meet you soon and to share in a part of your journey into yourself.
I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.

Phone: 07971 875392
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