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I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for this afternoon.
I floated home in amongst the slow traffic (but I was definitely de-stressed unlike a lot of the other drivers!).
The session today was fabulous - as I!
I was completely at ease and quickly felt like I was in a caring environment.....and that was before your calm soothing voice and the most fabulous touch I have experienced.
I'll definitely be back to see you - probably some time next month.
Thanks again for a wow experience!!

I. Oxford

A whole week after my visit I'm still feeling the benefits of my tantra experience.
For some reason I'm not much good at communication directly  after the 'event' so I'm writing to say how wonderful the whole experience was and to thank you for being so welcoming and considerate. It's a real joy for me to have experienced the intimacy that your touch and contact creates.
You truly have a special skill and I feel fortunate to have enjoyed the magical times that you create.
B.R. London

Thanks you so much for yesterday.  It feels like a door was briefly opened and I was granted a taste of a different way of experiencing sexuality.   And maybe you blew a little more life into the embers that need rekindling.

The most unexpected element was the astonishing sensation of energy flow when you 'simply' placed one hand on my heart and one - well I don't really have the right words for it... "Between my legs is an inept phrase too reminiscient of the Anglo-Saxon inability to talk about sex.  Is it more helpful to talk in terms of chakras?  Something else?  This is new territory for me and it you'd asked me two days ago I would have been sceptical.

Namaste - I looked it up and intend it to express the respect and gratitude I feel towards you.

M.B. London

Where are you based?  
Generally I work in Finchley N3 in North London and in Motspur Park KT6 in South London.  Details will be given when booking an appointment.

What is the nearest tube station?
West Finchley tube (on the High Barnet Branch of the northern line) is around 6minutes walk away from this location.  Motspur Park is not on the tube but the train station of this name is about 10 minutes walk from my south London venue.

If I drive is there parking nearby? 

There is free parking on the street in both locations.

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes and you are welcome to use the shower before or after your massage.  It is helpful for me to know if you want to shower before the session.

How much do you charge?

Naturist Massage is £90 per hour.  Tantric Massage is £110 per hour (minimum 2 hours).  These times are for the actual massage, with a chat before and after and time to shower and dress you will usually be with me for 30 minutes more than this for which there is no charge.  Do please allow for this extra time .

Do you do a 30 minute or one hour booking?

I don't do any 30 minute sessions.  I can do a one hour naturist massage which is just a back massage or focused on a specific problem area.  Full body massage is a minimum 90 minute for naturist or 120 minutes for tantric.

How long is the longest session you do?
I do sessions up to 4 hours in length, which combine different styles of massage or for the tantric work can include some form of sense ritual and/or breathwork.

Do you have any pictures of yourself?
I don't have pictures on this site as I don't want you to come to see me based on what I look like.  To me, this is not so important in choosing a therapist to work with as I want the session to be about you and not about me.  There are pictures of me on my therapeutic massage website

Do you offer hand relief or a happy ending?
Whilst the tantric massage I do includes work of the lingam (penis) and can include orgasm and ejaculation it is a somewhat different experience from a massage with hand relief.  I hope you will find it to be a much more profound one.  The pages on Tantric Massage and Full Body Orgasm explain this in more detail.

Can I cum twice during the session?
Whilst I do allow ejaculation towards the end of the Tantric massage, I encourage you to try to let go of your attachment to this form of release.  Certainly we want to spend as much of the session as possible building the energy so that your experience can be at the very least more highly pleasurable and hopefully also more deeply profound.  If it should happen that you do release unintentionally early on during the massage there will be no judgement around this and no need for any feelings of guilt or shame.  I do not specifically set out to create this experience for you though.

Do you include prostate massage?
Yes, sessions can include prostate massage if desired.  See here for more details.

Do you wear gloves during the massage?
I always wear gloves when doing internal prostate work.  Other than that I generally do not unless you have any condition that would require me to do so to protect my health and that of my other clients.  Please be responsible and tell me if this applies to you.

Do you do naturist massage?
Yes I do.  See the page on Naturist Massage for more details.  Tantric massage is also carried out naturist.

Can I touch you during the massage?
I do not offer a mutual massage where intimate touch is reciprocal.  If you feel the need to make a connection with me during a session it is OK to place your hand on my back or leg to do so.  However if I feel this is bringing you out of your internal experience or away from the surrender into receiving I will encourage you to return to that. Kissing and touching of intimate areas of my body are not accepted.  You can read more about my views on touch here.  If you are looking for mutual touch I am happy to recommend Tara B a colleague who does allow some mutual touching but still not a full sexual service.

Do you do Body-to-Body Massage?
I do not describe what I do as body-to-body massage as the phrase conjures up associations different from what I am offering.  Having said that, there will be contact between parts of my body (other than my hands) and yours during the session which creates a much deeper connection and level of intimacy.  This is still not an invitation to touch me however.

Can I exchange massages with you?
I do not exchange massage with clients.  

Do you offer any other more intimate services?
I do not offer any other more intimate or sexual services.  No 
kissing, no oral, no penetration. 

Do you work with any elements of BDSM?
I don't include BDSM in my work though do appreciate that it can be powerfully healing as well as increasing pleasure for some.  

Can you teach me how to massage a woman?
If you have a genuine reason for wanting to learn this I may be able to offer this service once we have worked together and got to know one another.

I am nervous about having a tantric massage, what should I do?
If this is a new experience for you it is understandable that you may be a bit nervous about it.  It may be better for you to come and see me for a standard or naturist massage first which should help to put you at ease.  We can also then talk a little about what you are nervous about.  If you have specific issues around your sexuality or physical performance we can also talk about these.  

I want a Tantric Massage but also have some physical issues I would like deeper massage for,  can you do this?
I am a well qualified and experienced massage therapist and am able to do some deeper work on specific problem areas in a combined session.  I recommend a longer session for this - please contact me to discuss.

 If you have any other questions, please call or email!
I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.

Phone: 07971 875392
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