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When I arrived last night I was stressed out as I was late and had been lost but once I was undressed and having a massage I felt my stresses flowing away and at the end was completely relaxed because you and Tara did a magnificent job. The worst bit was once it was over and I had to get dressed again to go home. 

A.E. London
(after 4 handed Lomi Lomi)

Just to say I really loved the Tantric Massage last night - it was so sensual and relaxing.  I specially enjoyed the lingam massage as it felt as though my whole body was being honoured.

 A.E. London

There is something very special about the experience of four handed massage.  Having the devoted attention of two highly skilled therapists focused on you is a rare treat and one that everybody should experience at least once.

With two pairs of hands working on you the extra sensory input is quite extraordinary.  The long flowing strokes of Lomi Lomi or tantric massage are pretty wonderful to begin with, but if you have two pair of hands, one flowing up each side of your body - sometimes synchronised, sometimes alternating - you really do feel totally and utterly pampered.

At other times during the massage we will each be focused on a different part of your body, using different styles and speeds of touch.  And at this time your mind has trouble paying conscious attention and just has to give up, let go and allow you to drop into a trance-like state of consciousness.  Once the mind lets go in this way you can relax at a much deeper level and feel incredible states of peace and bliss.

I offer Four Handed massage with Ma Deva Tara.  Tara is a wonderful therapist and we love working together.  
We offer both 4 handed Lomi Lomi sessions (clothed £120 per hour, naturist £160 per hour, recommended session length one to two hours) and 4 handed tantric massage (£200 per hour, sessions from 90 minutes to 2 hours).  All answers in the FAQ session apply equally to 4 handed sessions (apart from the pricing as above).

Couples Massage
It is beautiful to share the experience of massage with a loved one but with only one pair of hands it's not easy for one therapist to offer this service. Here you have the loving attention of one therapist each and can enjoy this treat side by side and share the warm glow together. Tara also offers tantric massage for women so this treat can be naturist or tantric. 
Prices for both Four Hands and Couples Massage are double the cost for one therapist.

I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.

Phone: 07971 875392
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