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Full Body Orgasm

Please note: This is not a particular session that I offer. It is an experience that can occur during a tantric massage.

For men, orgasm and ejaculation are generally thought to be synonymous. When you orgasm you ejaculate and generally the energy of arousal instantly dissipates. Biochemically a change takes place within you - and it is no wonder that you feel tired at this time. This has lead to the female perspective that you roll over and start snoring when they want to feel a sense of continued connection!

Tantric (and toaist) wisdom teaches us that this does not need to be the case. That men can also experience and enjoy multi-orgasmic lovemaking that lasts for hours.

Whilst there may be elements of physical armouring involved, one of the blocks to this happening is not so much physical as mental - most men tend to be rather attached to the orgasms they have spent much of their life enjoying. And it can be hard to imagine that there could be something even better to experience and that it would be anything other than frustrating to not let go into this usual release.

Imagine for a moment your favourite food. If this was for a female audience I'd be confident to suggest chocolate but for you guys it could be sausage and mash, a roast dinner, a hot and spicy curry - I'll even let you include beer!  Now really experience how you feel when you eat (or drink) it.  Feel it fully with all your senses (now we're getting tantric already).

Now imagine that there is a food or drink that is a hundred times more delicious, that makes you feel wonderful, not only while you're consuming it, but for days afterwards. Something that rather than being bad for your health (as so many of our most beloved treats can be) is hugely beneficial.

The only thing is, to be able to enjoy this new treat, you have to give up your original favourite. Could you do it? Would you dare to try?

Orgasm can be like this. We have to change our habitual patterns to experience something new.  If you are looking to have a new and deeper experience you will need to be prepared to behave in a different way.

Your breath may be very shallow generally, becoming rapid when aroused and learning to breathe deeply into your heart and belly may be unfamiliar.  You may have learned to make as little noise as possible (so as not to be discovered when self pleasuring for example) and allowing yourself to make sound can be a new experience.  You may feel that you need the visual stimulation of a naked female body to feel fully aroused and find it hard to close your eyes and focus on your internal sensations.  You may, like most of us, have developed a pattern of tensing your body when you become aroused and learning to relax into those sensations will be new to you. 

Unless you have explored any Eastern practices you are unlikely to have explored or worked with the subtle energies that run through the body, or even been aware of them and it might take some time to develop this sensitivity.

And as we explore all of these new aspects in our sessions together you may find yourself experiencing a state of freedom and bliss that is different to anything you have ever felt before. 

You can read about one client's experience here.
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