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Thank you for the Lomi Lomi massage last night.
I was really blown away. I don’t think I could go back to having conventional massage with you again after that!

Thanks also for doing it as a naturist treatment. It does require a particular degree of trust. For me it does completely beat any other form of treatment, even if I was unable to verbalise why it makes such an enormous difference. I was completely relaxed with you and in fact totally helpless

D.P. London

Just wanted to say a word of thanks for the wonderful massage. I really appreciate the time and effort to give that refreshing massage. When I do have a chance, will return again. Thanks once again for the truly remarkable massage.

Dr J.M. Scotland

Thanks for the massage.  It really was divine and such a treat.  As you saw. I'm very responsive to massage.
I think massage should be a bit 'unsettling', but in a good way.  People talk about pampering and indulgence but when I have a good massage (which is rarely), it's like slipping through a small hole in the fabric of everyday life and finding myself somewhere utterly different for a while.  This was certainly my experience with you yesterday.  I was totally spaced out - in a very good way.

N. G. London

If you don't feel quite ready for a full tantric massage, or it feels inappropriate to you because of a relationship (or any other reason), a naturist massage can be a great first step, or a beautiful experience in its own right. You will still get to experience the physical touch of my Magic Hands and emotional care of my Magic Heart, just without the focus on the building of and working with sexual energy. It is still a very enjoyable sensual experience.

Generally in this country
massage is performed by a clothed practitioner massaging a client who is as thoroughly covered up as is possible considering direct skin contact is a prerequisite of the treatment. Massage courses stress 'towel-technique' - the ability to avoid exposing as much of the client as you can at all times. One might be excused for thinking that a lot of therapists are ashamed or almost scared or the body!

Some of my clients
, though, felt there was a discrepancy whilst they were naked and vulnerable and I remained clothed. So I began to work in a naturist way with some trusted clients. And they would tell me how it changed the dynamic for them, how it created a greater sense of intimacy, without necessarily being sexual at all. You can read one such testimonial on the right.

For several years now I have enjoyed this more relaxed approach and been comfortable to work with clients undraped - it actually makes my life much easier as I can easily access whatever area I wish to work (and saves on washing too!). It also creates a more relaxed atmosphere and a deeper a sense of trust and mutuality.

In a naturist massage I am also unclothed as well as you. It is not a euphemism for anything sexual - merely what it says. There may be some more body contact involved during the massage without straying into the realms of body to body massage. If you are not comfortable with this just let me know.

What naturist massage
is not is an opportunity to stare or ogle.  I understand the desire to admire the beauty of the feminine form but encourage you to maintain your focus on your internal experience of the touch on your body.  If you feel a desire to make eye contact with me at times this is OK - just be aware whether this is taking you deeper into the experience or not.

It is also 
not an invitation to touch me. Whilst I understand that this urge may arise quite naturally, the focus of the treatment is on receiving rather than giving. For a man being receptive in this way with no requirement to perform or to please another person can be very healing, even though it may seem challenging at times. Touching me also brings your energy outside of yourself instead of keeping it within. You may find that if you allow yourself to drop deeper beyond the normal desires of mutual touching you discover a more profound place within yourself where you can really let that nurturing touch in to the core of your being.

If you are looking for something more intimate see the tantric massage pages.

I charge
£90 per hour for naturist sessions - which reflects the extra benefit received over and above the conventional massages I do.  If you want a full body massage it is a minimum 90 minute session
I am returning to be based full time in the UK
I'm not sure yet where I will be based but will visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.

Phone: 07971 875392
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