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You’ve probably heard that chocolate has aphrodisiac qualities and releases the same brain chemicals as sex but how often have you actually experienced that with a bar of Galaxy?  Most of the chocolate we eat (even 70/80/90% cocoa and raw chocolate), has been grown more for yield or flavour than for its phytochemical content. In contrast this cacao is, as nature created it, a potent plant medicine.  It’s sourced by Keith the Chocolate Shaman in Guatemala under the guidance of the Cacao Spirit. It comes from ancient variety trees and is minimally processed.   It is a wonderful heart opener, enhances sensitivity to touch, raises the sexual energy and in my experience is a wonderful synergist with many elements of Tantra.  I have been using it in session work for a while now and find it really helps clients to get out of their thoughts and drop down into their bodies to experience the massage in an even deeper way.

I serve the cacao as a warm drink with a touch of cayenne – in the traditional Mayan way. We will sit and drink it together as the beginning of the session.  It is best for the cacao to be part of a longer session - two and a half to three hours.  We will then take some time to expand your breath and to drop into a more meditative space before moving into the bodywork.  If you don't have time to allow for this longer session the cacao can be added to a standard two hour session.  There is an extra charge of £10 for adding cacao to a massage session of less than 3 hours.

I also offer this wonderful plant medicine in ceremonies where we can drop into deep places of meditation and emotional clearing.  It is also a fabulous addition to dance events or parties, creating a warm open hearted space and helping people to relax and release some of their inhibitions. It's particularly wonderful in drug and alcohol free spaces where there is a desire to be relaxed and open without losing any level of conscious presence.  I will also be offering more workshops combining cacao with touch in different forms in the near future.  You can read more about this work at (soon)
If you would like to purchase the Cacao for your own use at home you can do so directly from me when you come for a session, The cost is £42 for a 1lb block of pure cacao.  Or if you want your cacao delivered you can get 5% discount when you order from using this link.  The EU warehouse is due to open in the summer of 2018.
I am returning to be based full time in the UK
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