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I felt such a sensuality and deep connection to Source. The sublime feeling took me to another place time and world.  I was very grounded from start to finish while on a Divine journey. Unconditional love
A. E. (male)

It took me to a place deep within myself. I wish for all women that they are touched like this.  So many answers came to me without me needing to think

I asked Newman to work with me this year, as a mentor and companion to discuss and improve my confidence in myself along with my ability to interact with others from a position of assertiveness and mindfulness.  Newman's combination of emotional and intellectual intelligence was invaluable to me and I feel that I have grown significantly during the course of the past year.  

Thank you for understanding me without judgement

More coming soon...

As I am no longer in the country full time I wanted to share with you some recommendations of other wonderful therapists you can see either whilst you await my return or to give you a chance to build a relationship with regular sessions. They are all people I know personally and trust to take good care of you.  If you email them using the appropriate address they will get back to you with more information.
Ma Deva Tara  is a wonderful therapist and dear friend.  As well as being a mental health nurse, an experienced Tantric and Ayurvedic Massage Therapist, Tara also studied on the same Psychosexual Somatics training with me. She uses the concept of pleasure meditation to assist you to drop into the bliss of your body and your being.  She offers both naturist and tantric massage for people of all genders as well as meditation and counselling. She is currently only available at the weekends and is based in East Finchley.
Elizabeth is a north London based bodyworker who brings mindfulness, compassion, feminine flow and a deep healing touch to her sessions.  She focusses on supporting you in awakening your sexual energy, calming the mind and connecting more deeply to the erotic energy flow in your body.  She works with men, women and couples of all backgrounds and orientations. Elizabeth uses tantric principles, sensual touch (full body massage and intimate, genital massage), breathwork, meditation and coaching techniques to create a safe and welcoming space for you to drop deeply into yourself.
Bayari is a gifted Tantrika who offers an exquisite full body Tantric massage. She is devoted to honouring you just as you are and awakening aliveness and bliss.  Her invitation is to receive this touch as a gift and surrender to the experience with no need to perform in any way.  She offers sessions for both men and women. The sessions can include genital touch - uniting your sex, heart and spirit and welcoming all of you. Discover many possibilities - you may find it is sensual, moving, cathartic, erotic, relaxing - and perhaps even all of this and more.  Receive this full body massage with warm oils in a luxurious space in Highbury. You can be as dressed or undressed as you wish.
For more intimate sessions 
As well as tantric massage Tara B offers sessions which allow for greater intimacy, enjoyment of and education in tantric connection and consciously exploring elements of BDSM. She is a deeply loving being and enjoys nothing more than honouring and adoring you. She is not in London full time but still visits on a regular basis. 

Also for empowerment coaching and kinky pleasure in London and beyond I highly recommend Newman Alexander
I am no longer based full time in the UK
I am currently living in Spain and visit London on a regular basis so if you would like to be informed of my visits join my mailing list here.
For recommendations of other therapists I trust please see who
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